Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bitter sweet.

Well, today has been a hectic day.

Lets start off with the classes.
2 classes in the morning;
1 boring , 1 brain-draining.
Enough to drain the energy out of me.

For lunch, went to Pyramid to have Carl's Junior
along with - Kelvin, Hillary, Vince, Shirley, Chloe and Alvin.
Had a Swiss Bacon Crispy Chicken and half of Chloe's Crispy Chicken.
Conclusion? - Damn friggin full
And oh, forgot to mention the fries.

After lunch, fetched Chloe back to my apartment and then Me, Vince and Shirley went to buy pearl bubble tea - for the second day running.
After that, to class AGAIN.
This time, another energy draining class.
Since its related to computers and database
there are a lot of work to do and its hard to catch up with the lect.

Immediately after class, without bothering about anything
straight away go home sleep.

Later, went for dinner with Chloe at Asia Cafe around 7.
Haven't been there for quite sometime already.

And, guess what ?
I just found out I LOST MY IDENTITY CARD after 23182371819 years.
Thanks to NG MEI CHEN for helping me realize -____-"
So after dinner we went to the police station to make a police report.

By the way, could anyone tell me where the IC department is ?

Sunday, October 18, 2009


On Friday, me and Chloe went to watch Surrogates at TGV Pyramid.
Prior to the movie I've been getting comments from my friends about this movie. Some says its so-so while some say its nice.
You really have to watch it yourself to find out really.



Bruce Willis as Tom Greer
Radna Mitchell as Peters
Rosamund Pike as Maggie
Boris Kodjoe as Stone
James Kromwell as Canter


The movie began with a murder of a surrogate, who is thought to be the father of the surrogates, Canter, but it turns out that the person murdered was Canter's son. From then on, Agent Greer and Agent Peter's task was to investigate who the real murderer is and what weapon did the murderer used which can kill the surrogate and the operator as well. Several twist-and-turns led to Agent Greer losing his surrogate and have to investigate in his real body while Agent Peters has been hacked and her operator dead. Agent Greer found the murderer and later was to make a decision to kill all surrogates or to continue allowing them to walk the earth.


This movie is similar to iRobot and Minority report where its about humans rebel against robots. In Surrogates, its pretty much the same but its interesting as well. Its a movie where the real humans stays at home and control their surrogates as they take them out to the real world and the surrogates can look like whoever their operators want them to be. The storyline is not a very straight forward one. It gives the viewers a few things to think about as its a investigative movie. I give this movie a thumbs up and its worth watching. Its not a really good movie but its a good movie.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mission 1 : Accomplished

IT2 Assignment 1 & 2 : 100% completed.

Next : QM2 . Marketing Comm.

Car makeover

Yup. It's been a while.
Said I was gonna upload the pics of my car once it's been finished mod.
Here it is.

During mod.

M5 bumpers

M5 fins

After mod.

Those were the early stages of the mod process.
I've added more to the car but it's under the hood.
That includes a RM4k worth of sound system.

There are still a number of things I wanna do with the car but currently spend most of my budget already.
If you guys have any suggestions please feel free to let me know XD
I'm open to suggestions.
Thanks :D

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marche Restaurant

On Sunday, me and baby went to The Curve for an outing. Babe said haven't go there for long time but actually go there to look for her platforms. Haha.

There aren't any nice shoe shops in the Curve (what?) so we decided to walk the marketplace along the Street. Babe bought a few clothes for herselfs and some earings.

Later we had dinner at this Restaurant called Marche. The place is quite vintage and unique. Marche actually stands for market in French and that is the theme of the restaurant; Market.

They have a few stores divided into different types of food like Pasta, Grill, Salads and Drinks to name a few.

The food there is tasty and we had this salmon steak and it is really fresh. Lovely.

Go try it if you happen to be there. Its not really that expensive.

Night Market

Yesterday was Tuesday so Hillary asks whether we would like to go to the Pasar Malam in Sri Petaling. Since we haven't been to that pasar malam for a long time so we decided to go.

Gracie and Ray tagged along too ! XD

Chloe was craving for her 'Chicken Floss Bun' and Gracie bought a 'flip flop' for her new ViVa car. Ray just tagged along to look around but he's starving to the max. Hillary bought the most stuffs. We had 'char kuey teow' for dinner and bought these tau fu fah with flavors. It was kinda special with flavors like Pandan, Chocolate, Mango, Corn and Yam. I bought Pandan and Chocolate and both taste nice but i still prefer Pandan.

Any of you of come across these type of tau fu fah please try it. Its really nice but best not to add too much syrup. Very sweet :P

Before leaving, I wanted to get some chao tau fu (smelly tau fu). Okay I know the smell sucks like shit but trust me, its really nice ! Its just the smell but when you eat it you wont taste that yucky smell. Go with chili sauce and it's lovely ! So far I only know its available in Sri Petaling. Don't have it in SS2 and Cheras.

I didn't get it eventually as Chloe said, my throat just recovered so better not touch too much fried and oily food. Next time then.

Left around 9 and Gracie was pretty excited about seeing her new baby car. She told us the number plate would start with the alphabets BKM so me, Chloe and Ray was busy thinking about a sentence for that and Chloe said Grace .. Babi Kena Marah. Haha !

Had a fun outing. It's been a while since we went out like this and hopefully there'll be more people during the next outing. Our group is getting smaller and smaller.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

100th post !

Not being able to blog this few days because I left my lap top in honey's house before I came back to Seremban and am very busy this few days.

Reason ?

Modifying my car XD

Spent half a day in the workshop yesterday observing how they modify.
Was there from 3pm until 2am.
Only got a few things done.
Tomorrow and Tuesday going back there again to complete the modification.
Cant wait to see the new look of the car. Hehe.
Will upload the pics of the mod process once its completed.

Will not update this few days.

Till then.